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Hi! I'm Amanda

Amanda McIllmurray is a working-class woman, lifelong Philadelphian, organizer, and leader who is running for Philadelphia City Council . Amanda is running because in this critical moment of continuing crises we deserve so much more. We deserve safe and healthy communities. Amanda knows that we must fight for the world we all deserve and that when we work together, we win.

As the daughter of union members, Amanda knows that every single worker deserves safe working conditions and adequate pay. Amanda believes that our government should be able to meet our needs and shouldn’t function off bandaids and “who you know.” She is fighting to bring affordable housing, community safety, workers’ rights, and universal family care to our communities.

Image: Amanda, a white woman with curly hair, stands with her hands confidently on her hips, smiling and wearing a black and white poka dotted blouse. There is no background. Photo credit: Hibbard Nash
Image of center city skyline on an overcast day, Philadelphia City Hall appears prominently in the middle. Photo credit: Charl Folscher

The Issues

Philly’s strength comes from our ability to work together — to knit together people from different places and of different races into one beautiful, chaotic and gritty city. For this to be a place where we all thrive, we can’t let developers, education privatizers, union busters and the wealthy few pit us against each other based on what we look like, where we come from or how much money we make. It’s time to stand up for each other and come together.

I’ve intentionally crafted a platform that is both broad and specific in its goals to incorporate the needs of the LGBTQIA+ community, the disability community, and racial, gender, immigration and economic justice.

Image: Brick rowhomes on the corner of North 2nd Street and Arch Street as seen from the intersection. Photo credit: Dan Mall


We must make sure every resident of our city has a safe, stable home. A city where everybody has safe, secure housing is a city that’s safer and more prosperous for everybody.

Image: Two figures stand side by side in a laundromat, the figure on the left is an Asian woman wearing glasses with a floral print shirt, the figure on the right is Amanda, a white woman with curly hair, wearing a purple blazer. Photo credit: Hibbard Nash


Amanda stands with workers in every part of the economy in every part of the city. She knows that what’s best for workers is what’s best for businesses, large and small, and what will make our city thrive.

Image shows the exterior of Murphy Rec Center, one of the walls has a sepia tone mural depicting a diverse group of neighbors in a realistic style. Photo credit: N Giovannucci

Community Safety

We all deserve safe communities where our families and our neighbors can thrive. 

Image: An African American man in a yellow high visibility vest operates a blue trash truck. Photo credit: Ryan Johnson

We need unprecedented public investment to ensure that Philly stays a place where its residents can live, learn, work, and play safely and joyfully.

Public Services

Image shows the exterior of the main School District of Philadelphia office, it is a two story brick and metal building with large windowed doors in the front. Photo credit: Its Our City


Amanda knows every school and every student in Philly deserves fully funded, safe, toxic-free schools in our neighborhoods.

Image shows two figures shaking hands, the figure on the left is Amanda, a white woman with curly hair, wearing a red blazer; the figure on the right is an African American man wearing a grey sweatshirt. They are in a park in front of a colorful bus for a local arts program. Photo credit: Hibbard Nash

Constituent Services

We deserve services that meet the needs of our communities.

Image shows a subway patform, on the far side of the platform, past two green and white pillars, is a SEPTA subway car. Photo credit: Chris Henry


We deserve a transportation system that is safe, accessible, and equitable for everybody that reaches across the city.

Image of a tree in a green field in Fairmount Park with the skyline of Philadelphia in the background. Photo credit: Belmont Plateau by Frederikto


We deserve city leaders that are committed to treating climate change like the emergency it is.

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