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One Job Should Be Enough

We hear people say we need more jobs — we have too many jobs. For many years, Amanda worked 4 jobs to survive,while also trying to afford to pay for college and complete work as a full-time student. Amanda knows her experience in not unique.


Every person deserves the opportunity to have just ONE job — a family sustaining job.

As Councilmember, Amanda will fight to protect and strengthen the rights of all workers, make it easier to unionize, and create good, secure, family-sustaining jobs: 

  • Secure our city’s labor protections with a more robust Office of Labor Protections.

  • Protect workers from adverse actions like retaliation, wage theft, and workplace discrimination. 

  • Strengthen rights for workers in non-traditional work arrangements and push for legislation to protect and empower platform workers. 

  • Make sure that public money goes to the public good and creates secure, family-sustaining jobs.  

  • Push for new construction to be built with family-sustaining jobs and maintained with family-sustaining unionized jobs.

  • Invest in workers’ rights education and outreach so that workers know their rights. 

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