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Image shows two figures shaking hands, the figure on the left is Amanda, a white woman with curly hair, wearing a red blazer; the figure on the right is an African American man wearing a grey sweatshirt. They are in a park in front of a colorful bus for a local arts program. Photo credit: Hibbard Nash

Constituent services is one way elected officials can meet the direct needs of residents.


Whether that’s helping seniors applying for LOOP, navigating the process of applying for unemployment, or connecting with Community Legal Services for someone experiencing eviction, Amanda’s office will provide strong constituent services that directly meet the needs of Philadelphians. As an organizer and leader, Amanda has established a proven track record of bridging communities and building effective coalitions. 


As Councilmember, Amanda and her staff will: 


  • Bring her organizing skills and experience to Council and build coalitions that will win big to make our lives better.

  • Use her power to make sure that all Philadelphians get the resources we deserve.

  • Provide reliable constituent services that make city government more accessible by organizing regular town halls, community outreach and canvasses to connect with constituents directly.

  • Collaborate not just with other elected officials but also with community organizations and leaders citywide to ensure every resident is able to navigate the complicated and confusing web of resources available.

  • Assess what services are needed and requested to craft legislation that addresses these needs systemically.

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