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Image: An African American man in a yellow high visibility vest operates a blue trash truck. Photo credit: Ryan Johnson

We need unprecedented public investment to ensure that Philadelphia remains a place where its residents can live, learn, work, and play safely and joyfully.

Philadelphia benefits from a network of parks, libraries, rec centers, and sanitation infrastructure that were once the envy of the world. However, generations of disinvestment have left many of these key public services and institutions in desperate condition, some even turning to privatization. All these needs are compounded by increasing extreme weather — especially increased extreme heat.

Reinvesting in public services and public places will not only make our neighborhoods safer and more beautiful, but will also fuel economic advancement for Philadelphians that have been left out of the city’s primary economy of universities and medical centers. Amanda supports significantly shifting the operations budget for key city departments to ensure that both new hires and existing employees have access to family-sustaining wages and safe working conditions that are protected by our City’s public service unions. There are too many jobs that need to be done for our city to leave Philadelphia’s most precious resource (Philadelphians themselves) sitting on the sidelines. There are too many of the workers that are already doing those jobs do so without the pay, support, and safety that they deserve.

Growing up, Amanda experienced all the joys of the city’s robust network of parks, recreation centers and libraries— playing youth sports, diving the depths of books shelves, and mentoring youth as an umpire. These experiences were foundational in creating the person she is today and wants every young person to have those same opportunities.

Amanda will fight for well-funded, and accessible public services — because we deserve it AND because it’s effective at preventing violence. We’re told these services are “free” when in reality we pay taxes to fund them. It’s time we get a return on our investment. She’ll fight to make sure wealthy institutions like Comcast and Penn finally pay their fair share so we don’t have to keep carrying their load.

As Councilmember, Amanda will fight for:

  • Support an expansion of staffing and programming in Libraries and in Recreation Centers to ensure that 7-day service can be provided safely and consistently for both residents and staff. 

  • Well-funded and accessible public services including parks, recreation centers, trash pick up from public and residential cans and street cleaning

  • Support all measures necessary to increase the number of L&I building inspectors, funded by an expansion of fines on negligent and reckless developers who continually threaten the safety of our neighborhoods for their own profit.

  • Support changes to Philadelphia's taxes to ensure that our wealthiest businesses and landowners pay their fair share to support these vital city services they benefit from but don’t pay for.

  • Fine negligent developers who dig up our street sand don't properly patch them in order to fund the Department of Licenses & Inspections and street cleaning across the city.

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