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Image shows a subway platform, the camera is at an angle close to the edge of the plaform and a SEPTA subway car has pulled up to the right of the image; in the top left the corner of an organge sign part of the Broad Street Line is visible.Photo credit: Noah Cote

We deserve a transportation system that is safe, accessible, and equitable for everybody that reaches across the city. 

Whether to commute to our jobs, visit a loved one, head to the store to buy groceries, or just step outside to talk to our neighbors, we rely on safe, well-maintained, and accessible sidewalks, roads, bridges, airports, and railways. When we invest in transit, we make it possible for people to more easily navigate our city. Traveling throughout the city and region can be exhausting, complicated, and dangerous due to constant maintenance issues from a lack of funding, concerns about safety on public transit, and a substantial increase in the number of traffic deaths on our roads, traffic deaths which disproportionately impact low-income communities of color.


All members of our communities deserve to safely travel throughout our city with dignity and respect. As a City Councilmember for the City of Philadelphia, Amanda will fight for well-maintained roads, sidewalks and bike lanes, reliable and convenient buses, trolleys, and trains, and a transportation system that is safe, accessible, and equitable for everybody.

As Councilmember, Amanda will work to: 

  • Prioritize the maintenance of sidewalks, protected bike lanes, roads, bridges, transit, and the regional trail network,

  • Take back local control of the predatory Philadelphia Parking Authority, which currently operates unaccountably in our city

  • Put more public transit vehicles on the streets and tracks to increase frequency and efficiency of SEPTA service to put more union drivers to work, provide more Philadelphians with a reliable, low-carbon option for our commutes and connect our communities across the city while making it easier to navigate our city without a car.

  • Ensure each SEPTA transit station has a well maintained public bathroom for public use.

  • Prioritize mobile crisis units and homeless outreach funding and services on and around transit stations.

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