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Image shows a multi-racial group of people holding a black banner that reads 'Workers at Amazon & everywhere have a right to a union! Fight racism and union busting!'. Behind the people holding the banner are towers of amazon delivery boxes with a sign at the top that says 'Amazon Labor Union', they are at the Peoplehood Parade in West Philly. Photo credit: Joe Piette

Amanda stands with workers in every part of the economy in every part of the city. She knows that what’s best for workers is what’s best for businesses, large and small, and what will make our city thrive.

We hear people say a lot that we need more jobs — we have too many jobs. For many years, Amanda worked 4 jobs to survive, while also trying to afford to pay for college and complete work as a full-time student. Every person deserves the opportunity to have just ONE job — a family sustaining job.


Amanda is the daughter of two proud union members — her dad was a truck driver and member of Teamsters Local 830, her mom was a cafeteria worker and member of UniteHere Local 634. Growing up, she joined her dad on the picket line when the Teamsters went out on strike and saw her family struggle as management threatened to cut healthcare benefits as a tactic to break the strike — while her younger sister was in the hospital preparing to undergo open heart surgery. She remembers when her mom came home every day worried if she was next on the list of Philadelphia School District workers to be laid off  during the Corbett budget cuts. She knows that the future of working families in Philadelphia depend on strengthening unions, increasing worker protections and showing up for each other.


Amanda’s City Council Office will work to protect and build upon the wins of our movement — Fair Workweek, the Domestic Workers’ Bill of Rights and the increased minimum wage.


As a Councilmember, Amanda will fight to protect and strengthen the rights of all workers, make it easier to unionize, and create good, secure, family-sustaining jobs:


  • Protect workers from adverse actions like retaliation, wage theft, and workplace discrimination.

  • Strengthen rights for workers in non-traditional work arrangements and push for legislation to protect and empower platform workers.

  • Make sure that public money goes to the public good and creates secure, family-sustaining jobs.

  • Push for new construction to be built with family-sustaining jobs and maintained with family-sustaining unionized jobs.

  • Stop bosses from misclassifying workers to ensure workers don’t have legally entitled benefits and protections denied.

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