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Image of a tree in a green field in Fairmount Park with the skyline of Philadelphia in the background. Photo credit: Belmont Plateau by Frederikto

Philadelphia is already experiencing the harmful impacts of a warming world, from flooding and deadly heat to polluted land and worsening air quality. But instead of treating climate change as the emergency that it is, our leaders in city government are committed to business as usual. In a city where corporations, developers, and polluters call the shots, our health, safety, and environment will remain in jeopardy. 


Amanda will fight to change this dynamic by shifting power to working people, so that we can build a city where people and living systems thrive. With a municipal Green New Deal, we’ll lead a rapid and just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy while transforming our utilities, buildings, and transportation system. In the process, we’ll protect a livable climate, improve Philadelphians' health and living conditions, reduce energy bills, and create thousands of good jobs—all while protecting workers who currently depend on the fossil fuel industry for their livelihood.


As Councilmember, Amanda will fight for:


  • A just transition to 100% renewable energy by enacting the We Own PGW Platform, pressing the City and school district to accelerate its shift away from fossil fuels,  and pushing PECO to supply electricity from renewable sources.

  • A Philadelphia with abundant and protected green spaces, including funding for public parks, tree plantings and maintenance, and green stormwater infrastructure, as well as a halt to the privatization of public lands

  • Work to uplift the demands of citywide coalitions for environmental justice, including the Clean Philadelphia Now coalition, Right to Thrive campaign, and the Waste Free Philly campaign

  • Green, healthy housing and infrastructure that is built with the future in mind, by increasing funding for programs like “Built to Last” that provide home repairs and weatherization, electrification and solar installation for low- and moderate- income renters and homeowners

  • Improve, expand, and prioritize public transit as well as infrastructure for cyclists and pedestrians.

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